Particle Measuring Systems Introduces a Real-Time Microbial Monitor

Particle Measuring Systems Introduces a Real-Time Microbial Monitor
The most trusted name in environmental contamination monitoring expands their microbial product offering. The independently tested BioLazTM promises a revolutionary solution for sterile processing environments...
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Boulder, CO (PRWEB) November 11, 2010

Particle Measuring Systems introduced their innovative instrument, the BioLazTM Real-Time Microbial Monitor for rapid detection of airborne biological organisms in controlled environments. The BioLazTM Real-Time Microbial Monitor offers immediate notification when biological particles are present and real-time verification of biological activity levels during filling operations. This results in faster batch releases, revolutionizing sterile manufacturing processes.

As process air passes through the system, the BioLazTM Real-Time Microbial Monitor illuminates particles in the sample. If biological particles are present, the organisms fluoresce and are counted in real-time. This system can easily be integrated into new or existing facility monitoring systems and reduces operator errors inherent when standard growth-media methods are employed.

The BioLazTM Real-Time Microbial Monitor has been independently tested to meet the rigorous requirements of USP Validation of Alternative Microbial Methods and of EP 5.1.6 Alternative Methods for Control of Microbiological Quality. Additional features include an internal pump, which eliminates the cost and need for an external vacuum system, and a small footprint in a 316L stainless steel enclosure.

Particle Measuring Systems is the global leader in environmental monitoring technology, with more than 35 years of experience providing solutions for particle and microbial monitoring for companies with clean-room manufacturing environments. As the inventor of laser-based particle counters, Particle Measuring Systems sets the standard for particle monitors in pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, aerospace, integrated circuit and electronics manufacturing.