PacBio unveils software developer's network

Pacific BioSciences is launching a software developer's network to help it drive users to its new generation of genomic sequencing technology. 
The developer's network is designed to support the work of academics, biopharma researchers and software vendors interested in developing new tech tools to work with the data generated by PacBio's third-gen sequencing technology.

"Single Molecule Real Time sequencing introduces entirely new dimensions to data, such as a time component, that are unlike anything the bioinformatics community has encountered to this point," said PacBio CSO Eric Schadt, Ph.D. "Therefore, in addition to a strong internal focus on informatics development, we are committed to supporting third-party software development and facilitating the rapid adoption of this new data type into the scientific community where the really exciting ‘big science' can begin to happen."

PacBio, a 2009 Fierce 15 company, has set its sights on creating a new technology that can revolutionize sequencing, a field that has attracted a number of companies all out to claim the title as leading change agent. And sequencing prices have been falling steadily as developers like PacBio find more efficient methods for exploring the secrets of the human genome. At some stage in the not too distant future, says PacBio, sequencing individual patients will become commonplace.

- here's the PacBio release

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