Osiris gets poor adult stem cell therapy results

Osiris Therapeutics' stock took a hit yesterday as the company announced interim results from a Phase I/II study of Chondrogen, an adult stem cell treatment for the regeneration of meniscus in the knee. The data revealed Chrondrogen is safe; however, it did not demonstrate a statistically significant increase in the volume of meniscus as compared to placebo. The drug did show an improvement in baseline cartilage and joint condition.

"Although we are very pleased to see that our stem cells continue to be well tolerated, we are obviously disappointed that we were unable to detect significant amounts of meniscal regeneration," said C. Randal Mills, Ph.D., President and CEO of Osiris Therapeutics. "… Moving forward, we await the cartilage data from the one year time point and will investigate further the improvements observed in the pre-existing cartilage damage."

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