OriGene Technologies Acquires Blue Heron Biotechnology, a Leading U.S.-based Gene Synthesis Company

ROCKVILLE, Md., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- OriGene Technologies, Inc., a gene-centric life sciences company, announces the acquisition of Blue Heron Biotechnology, a pioneer in the gene synthesis business since 1999.  

Blue Heron is one of the oldest and most successful gene synthesis companies in the world, providing customers solutions for complex DNA synthesis.  It supplies synthetic DNA to the majority of the top 20 pharma and biotech companies worldwide. Most notably, Blue Heron was the supplier of synthetic DNA fragments to develop the first synthetic cell for the J. Craig Venter Institute.  OriGene's complete collection of human cDNA clones together with Blue Heron's gene synthesis capacity provides a whole product solution for the life sciences community, including product offerings such as protein and antibody optimization.  

"Blue Heron has an impressive history of high product quality and outstanding customer service.  We are extremely excited about Blue Heron joining OriGene and our combined capabilities to provide total solutions to our customers.   We are 100% committed to serving our customers with high quality, strict confidentiality standards, and improved business efficiency. This latest purchase is a further indication of OriGene's determination to expand its gene-centric tools portfolio for the life sciences research and drug discovery community," said Dr. Wei-Wu He, OriGene's Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

About OriGene Technologies

OriGene Technologies, Inc., is a gene-centric life sciences company dedicated to support academic, pharmaceutical and biotech companies in their research of gene functions and drug discovery.  OriGene's gene based toolbox allows life science researchers to study all genes and gene functions.  OriGene's mission is to be "Your Gene Company", and we are dedicated to develop the most comprehensive technology and tools for everything a researcher would need for gene based research.  For more information, visit www.origene.com.  

SOURCE OriGene Technologies, Inc.