OpenClinica to Support Internationalization and Localization

Akaza Research expects to unveil a new version of OpenClinica that includes support for internationalization and localization.

Cambridge, Massachusetts (PRWEB) September 24, 2007 -- This October Akaza Research expects to unveil a new version of OpenClinica that includes support for internationalization and localization. These features will facilitate global clinical trials by allowing OpenClinica adopters to run the software in multiple languages and tailor the application to local cultures. The October release is version 2.2 of the popular open source clinical research software platform.

"The internationalization features in OpenClinica 2.2 will provide an easy-to-use general purpose infrastructure for running OpenClinica in any language," said Tom Hickerson OpenClinica's Senior Project Coordinator. "You can have a single instance of OpenClinica display Russian text to one user while displaying Japanese to another," he added.

OpenClinica 2.2 employs the Unicode standard, which allows a single server to support multiple languages and writing systems across multiple browsers and operating systems. In addition, OpenClinica 2.2 comes with an easy-to-use localization kit, allowing non-technical users to add translations for new languages. A complete Spanish translation of OpenClinica will be made publicly available along with the October release.

The localization kit was largely developed through OpenClinica's open source community by BAP Health Outcomes, a contract research organization based in Oviedo, Spain. BAP Health also contributed the Spanish language translation of OpenClinica 2.2. "We are pleased to have been able to collaborate on the international open source development of OpenClinica by providing this framework for translation. Further, we are proud to make OpenClinica the most accessible tool for clinical trial sites in 17 more countries by contributing the Spanish language translation," said Nacho M. Castejon, a Java developer at BAP who helped manage this effort.

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