On a roll, MacroGenics inks Pfizer deal

MacroGenics has inked a research deal with Pfizer to discover, develop and commercialize Dual-Affinity Re-Targeting (DART) products directed at two undisclosed cancer targets. MacroGenics gets an upfront payment, milestones and royalties, but full financial details of the deal were not disclosed. MacroGenics' DART technology is a antibody platform which allows a single recombinant molecule is able to target two different antigens. The DART proteins could be used to redirect the body's cell-destroying, immune effector cells against tumor cells.

"MacroGenics' DART candidates represent a promising new approach to potentially expand treatment options for cancer patients, and we look forward to a collaborative partnership with MacroGenics," said Pfizer R&D chief Mikael Dolsten. "MacroGenics has established the versatility of its novel DART platform by generating a large array of DART proteins against a variety of different targets."

Just yesterday MacroGenics announced a $2.1 billion discovery and development deal with Germany's Boehringer Ingelheim. The company plans to yse MacroGenics' technology to identify and advance antibodies for immunology, oncology, respiratory, cardiometabolic and infectious diseases.

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