Nuron Biotech Acquires Assets Related to HibTITER(R) Conjugate Vaccine from Wyeth (WYE)

Nuron Biotech Acquires Assets Related to HibTITER(R) Conjugate Vaccine from Wyeth (WYE)

EXTON, Penn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Nuron Biotech Inc., a specialty biologics and vaccines company, today announced that it has acquired assets relating to the vaccine HibTITER® (Haemophilus b Conjugate Vaccine (Diphtheria CRM197 Protein Conjugate)) from Wyeth LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pfizer Inc, for the U.S. and many other markets, including Japan and Korea. Financial terms of the sale were not disclosed.

HibTITER is a previously marketed pediatric vaccine that Wyeth LLC discontinued several years ago following a reassessment of its portfolio and priorities and given other available vaccine options. HibTITER was one of the first glycoconjugate technology vaccines for humans on the market and was responsible for greatly reducing the incidence of Hib disease [1] in children. Meningitis vaccines are now part of the CDC Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule with over 10 million annual doses administered each year in the U.S. alone. Nuron is currently working with the FDA to finalize the re-launch strategy for this vaccine.

"Our senior management team sees significant opportunity for HibTITER and looks forward to re-establishing this life-saving vaccine to help protect our children," commented Shankar Musunuri, PhD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Nuron Biotech. "Nuron has a highly focused product portfolio, and, consequently, we can devote significant attention to educating the medical and regulatory community on the value of this vaccine. We know the medical milestones achieved with HibTITER and recognize both the medical need and relevance of this vaccine in the U.S. and markets around the world."

About Nuron

Nuron Biotech's vision is to bring better biologics to market with enhanced product profiles for better health of patients. Nuron's founders and management team are veteran industry executives who have made significant contributions in developing, launching and managing the life-cycle of various biologics.

In less than a year after initiating operations, Nuron has been extremely successful establishing late-stage product programs in three distinct disease areas, Central Nervous Systems (CNS), Wound Healing and Vaccines.

Nuron is currently in discussions with other biotechnology companies to expand the portfolio in the areas of specialty biotech and vaccines.

1. Peltola H, Kilpi T, Anttila M. Rapid disappearance of Haemophilus influenzae type b meningitis after routine childhood immunisation with conjugate vaccines. Lancet. 1992;340:592-4. [PubMed]