NuPathe reports positive results for migraine patch

NuPathe announced positive results from a key late-stage study of Zelrix, a transdermal patch designed for the treatment of acute migraine. The multi-center trial involved 530 adults. Data from the trial showed that symptoms associated with migraine, such as pain, nausea and sensitivity to light and sound, significantly improved two hours after applying the Zelrix patch.

Zelrix combines transdermal technology with the drug sumatriptan to deliver the medication through the skin. Zelrix was well-tolerated and adverse events were low. The most common adverse events were itching, pain and tingling, with the majority of these events reported as "mild and transient," the company said in a statement.

Detailed results will be released during next month's International Headache Society meeting in Philadelphia. According to NuPathe's Chief Scientific Officer, Mark Pierce, the company will submit its NDA next year. If approved, Zelrix will be the first migraine patch to gain market approval. 

- here's the NuPathe release