Novartis, Venter team on H7N9 vaccine; FDA approves drug for morning sickness;

 @FierceBiotech: FDA approved morning-sickness pill, to be marketed as Diclegis. Release | Follow @FierceBiotech

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> With the lethal H7N9 virus raising alarms in Asia and around the world, Novartis ($NVS) and the J. Craig Venter Institute have teamed up with Synthetic Genomics Vaccines and the CDC to develop a new vaccine that can guard against it. Story

> FDA officials have moved to approve an old drug, Diclegis, for morning sickness. The therapy had been withdrawn from the market decades ago after a raft of now debunked claims that it caused birth defects. Story

> Proteros biostructures has struck a lead discovery collaboration with Priaxon AG to jointly develop lead compounds for high value protein-protein interaction drug targets. Release

Pharma News

 @FiercePharma: CDC study finds U.S. adults still skipping their meds to save money. Until they qualify for Medicare. Report | Follow @FiercePharma

 @EricPFierce: Fleming Laboratories has two plants in Pradesh, India, which were put on import alert Monday by the FDA. Alert | Follow @EricPFierce

> Amgen's two chiefs together net $22.7M in 2012 pay. More

> FDA approves morning-sickness drug withdrawn in 1980s safety scare. Item

> Union sues Warner Chilcott, Watson and Lupin over alleged pay-for-delay deal. Story

Medical Device News

 @FierceMedDev: Blood test reveals more vivid GI cancer gene mutations. More | Follow @FierceMedDev

 @MarkHFierce: The U.K. govt is supporting development of an anti-obesity electronic implant, at Imperial College London. Report | Follow @MarkHFierce

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> Biomet's sales soar, losses widen after DePuy buyout. Story

> Bausch + Lomb wins FDA panel nod for eye implant. News

Pharma Manufacturing News

> China, India have yet to meet EU rule on APIs. More

> More Doxil made through J&J 'alternative manufacturing.' Report

> China drugmaker pulls flu treatment tainted with toxic herbs. Story

> Apotex recalls birth control pills. Article

Biotech Research News

 @EmilyMFierce: Merck developing new class of drugs to target therapy-resistant cancer driven by genetic mutations. Report | Follow @EmilyMFierce

> Common sweetener mannitol improves motor functions in Parkinson's flies. More

> Targeted brain stimulation could treat addiction. Item

> New cancer radiation treatment has no harmful side effects in mice. Article

> Some still skeptical of BRAIN initiative as details remain fuzzy. Story

And Finally…The death toll now from the H7N9 bird flu outbreak in China has reached 8, raising new fears that this new outbreak of bird flu could claim many more lives. Story