Norwich Announces Potent Compound Development Capability

Norwich Announces Potent Compound Development Capability

The addition of high potent compound capabilities is the result of a major capital investment and expansion of services on the part of the New York-based company, which has served the pharmaceutical industry for over 100 years. In the past, Norwich has concentrated its efforts on providing contracted services to manufacturing and packaging services.

Commenting on the newly announced services, Norwich Vice President, Technical & Development Services, Carolyn Gherardi, said the company has invested over $3 million in infrastructure, controls and the specialized equipment necessary to support pilot scale Clinical Trial Material (CTM) for the manufacture of high potent compounds, including fast dissolve and controlled release tablets.

"In addition to the capital investment in physical infrastructure, we've put together an outstanding technical team," said Gherardi. "Our people are capable of manufacturing high potent products in a variety of dosage forms and providing a range of analytical services in-house. And, along with the considerable addition of dedicated equipment, we've also increased our staff of highly-qualified specialists to assure consistent performance and rapid response to potential problems."

The potent compound development facility at Norwich features an HVAC system designed for 20 room air changes per hour, utilizing redundant HEPA filtration to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination. Separate personnel ingress/egress airlocks, with a separate equipment and materials airlock, provide full containment of compounds. The Norwich facility also has a dedicated control system to monitor and regulate the environmental conditions of every development suite.

The expansion into potent compound development further supports the commitment of Norwich management to increase its role in the future of biopharmaceutical development as more and more manufacturers seek state-of-the-art outsourcing services. "Through a selective build-up of personnel and major capital investments we are now well positioned to assist our customers throughout the entire life cycle of their product, as well as help plan and launch new customer initiatives," says Gherardi.

About Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Norwich Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Norwich, NY, provides comprehensive support services to the pharmaceutical industry on an outsourcing basis - from clinical trial, through scale-up, to commercial launch. The company brings over 100 years of experience to the manufacture, packaging, associated quality services, and distribution of solid dose, semi-solid, and liquid pharmaceutical products.

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