Next Generation Pharmaceutical Research Organization Selects Mission3 OnDemand for World Wide Regulatory Publishing

Next Generation Pharmaceutical Research Organization Selects Mission3 OnDemand for World Wide Regulatory Publishing

Phoenix, AZ ­ July 15, 2009 ­ Mission3, Inc., a leading provider of program delivery for the Life Sciences industry, announced today that a leading Pharmaceutical Research Organization (PRO) has selected Mission3 OnDemand to handle its world wide regulatory publishing needs.

The PRO is a market leader in unique, integrated and global solutions for the life science industry, and provides the highest quality services through innovative, integrated functional clinical development. Seeking to expand its services line, it will offer end-to-end client solutions by utilizing Mission3 OnDemand as its world wide regulatory publishing platform.

³We selected Mission3 OnDemand because of its web-based approach which allows us the flexibility to utilize the system from multiple locations and work in a more collaborative fashion with our internal team members and clients. Additionally we do not have to increase our IT resources to install and maintain the solution,² said the Director of Regulatory Affairs.

³Winning this kind of business in a down economy is a testament to the unique delivery and licensing model of Mission3 OnDemand. This coupled with the outstanding quality of Mission3¹s Software-as-a-Service makes it a win/win for the client.² said Dirk Karsten Beth, President of Mission3. ³Mission3 OnDemand allows the company to complete their already extensive service offerings by providing them with a platform to handle all world wide regulatory applications that are necessary at each stage of clinical development. The PRO will be able to offer first class regulatory publishing, coach their clients along each step, as well as, provide real-time information.²

Mission3 OnDemand includes a robust regulatory submission authoring and publishing platform that includes more than 300 regulatory templates, web-authoring, library services, security, access control, lifecycles, metadata, electronic signatures, and rendering - everything you need to publish. Best of all, it is tightly integrated into Mission3 OnDemand's Program Delivery functionality.

About Mission3, Inc. Mission3 is a leading provider of on-demand program delivery software that merges cutting edge technology with affordability, exclusively for the unique needs of the Life Sciences industry. Mission3 OnDemand is a fully integrated, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, Document, Project, Regulatory Submission Management and Virtual Data Room suite that is truly web-based and offered in an collaborative, on-demand (SaaS) environment. Designed for rapid deployment and ease of use, Mission3 OnDemand manages all documents within business areas governed by world wide regulatory bodies and corresponding submissions.