Next Closing Brings Seventure Partners' Health for Life Capital Investment Vehicle to €100m

Paris, France - 19 March 2015  – Seventure, one of Europe's leaders in financing innovation, has received further investment in its Health for Life Capital™, the largest fund worldwide that focusses primarily on microbiome-based biotech and nutrition innovations. The fund raising has attracted both financial investors, strategic investors and serial entrepreneurs.

When Health for Life Capital™ was launched, Seventure stated its intention to raise €120m (USD130m). Currently the fund stands at €100m (USD109m), but with more interested investors lined up, Seventure is en route to approach the full target amount.

The aim of Health for Life Capital™ has been to support innovative high-growth entrepreneurial ventures. Initial investments have been made in Enterome Bioscience (Paris), LNC (Laboratoires Nutrition & Cardiométabolisme) (Bordeaux), Interface Therapeutics (California, USA), Humedics (Berlin), and most recently, in January 2015, MaaT Pharma (Lyon), a newly founded French microbiome company.

The geographical focus of Health for Life Capital™ is primarily in Europe, but also extends to North America and Asia. Investment is focused on four areas: microbiome, nutrition, biotech and digital health. 

As a result of its creation and today's announcement, Health for Life Capital™ becomes the largest of its kind available and Seventure has become a world leader in investing in this area.

Isabelle de Cremoux, President and CEO at Seventure Partners, said: "Seventure has been a visionary investor in the field of industrial biotech since 2001 and has since then spotted the microbiome sector as a new trend for investment opportunities. Since 2008, we have noticed a steady growth of interest in the microbiome. I expect to see more and more deals in this area, with Seventure being one of its main drivers."

"As a result of our focus, we have built an enviable network amongst academic and corporate players in food, pharma, diagnostics and payers. We are an ideal partner for new companies starting out, with our regulatory expertise and powerful network of commercial partners and entrepreneurs, but also for investors who want to gain access to this new and exciting area."

"Seventure will continue with its fund raising activities to support the development of the current portfolio, as well as looking to fund further investments in US, Canada and Europe."

Since establishing a focus on the microbiome and nutrition, Seventure's team has built a unique portfolio of companies, including Enterome, LNC, Polaris, Nutrionix, Fluxome (sold to Evolva), and in the field of digital health, Mauna Kea Technologies, , Cardiosecure-PMS, Acarix, Impeto Medical, Biancamed (sold to Resmed). The Firm has also developed an extensive network amongst industry champions, such as Danone, Tereos, Lesaffre and Tornier, and experts in the field, such as the technology transfer office of INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research), the Danish Technology Institute (DTI) and the Chalmers University of Technology in Göteborg.

Legal note:
The Health for Life Capital investment vehicle is composed of a Luxembourg SICAR and a French FPCI (AIF fund). Seventure Partners acts as an Investment Advisor of the SICAR (Health for Life Management) General Partner, and as the Management Company of the FPCI. This Information is only intended for professional investors. Health for Life Capital™ bears a high risk. Investors could lose all of their investment.

Notes To Editors

About the Human Microbiome
The Human intestinal microbiota is a complex personal ecosystem, usually stable, tightly adapted to the human host and in constant symbiotic interaction with his cells and organs. There are nevertheless numerous conditions and clinical practices that impose stress to the balanced microbiota. The word microbiota represents an ensemble of microorganisms that resides in a previously established environment. The gut microbiota (formerly called gut flora) is the name given today to the microbe population living in human beings intestine. It contains tens of trillions of microorganisms, including at least 1000 different species of known bacteria with more than 3 million genes (150 times more than human genes). Microbiota can, in total, weigh up to 2 kg. One third of the human gut microbiota is common to most people, while two thirds are specific to each person. The microbiota fulfils physiological functions that have a direct impact on health:

  • It helps the body to digest certain foods that the stomach and small intestine have not been able to digest.

  • It helps with the production of some vitamins (B and K).

  • It helps to combat aggressions from other microorganisms, maintaining the wholeness of the intestinal mucosa.

  • It plays an important role in the immune system, performing a barrier effect.

  • A healthy and balanced gut microbiota is key to ensuring proper digestive functioning.

About Seventure Partners
Seventure Partners is a leading venture capital firm in Europe. Since 1997, Seventure has invested in innovative businesses with high growth potential in digital technologies in France and Germany and in the life sciences field across Europe, with currently over €500m in assets under management as of the end of 2014.

In life sciences, the four areas of focus include biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, connected health and medtech, industrial biotechnology and cleantech, and last but not least: the microbiome, nutrition, personalized medicine and food. Seventure Partners also considers investments in the field of diagnostics, biomarkers, drug delivery systems, lifestyle healthcare and services.

Investments can range between €500k and €10m per round, or up to €20m per company, from early to late stage. In December 2013, Seventure Partners successfully launched its Health for Life CapitalTM which attracted strategic investments from prestigious organizations including Danone, Tereos, Tornier, Lesaffre as well as entrepreneurs and financial institutions.

Seventure is a subsidiary of Natixis, the corporate investment management and financial services arm of Groupe BPCE, the second-largest French bank.

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