Nexavar failure raises questions for developers

Shares of Onyx Pharmaceuticals tanked on disappointing data from its latest cancer trial of Nexavar as a therapy for non-small cell lung cancer. With no hope of seeing data that patients lives were being extended, researchers shuttered a study of the drug. Forbes' Matthew Herper is raising a series of questions about the drug and the field. Should patients with squamous cell cancer have been excluded from the trial? Will the monitoring boards of two other lung cancer studies meet to review the consequences of this recent move? Should studies be modified to have a better chance of demonstrating a benefit to patients? Look for some answers as Onyx and Bayer, partners on the drug, address some severely disappointed investors.

TheStreet notes that Onyx has been the feel-good biotech story of 2007, seeing its stock rise a record 440 percent last year.

- see the release from Bayer
- check out the report from Forbes
and here's the article from TheStreet

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