New York biotech snaps up Eli Lilly neuro veteran as CSO

Neurological biotech Redpin Therapeutics has snagged Eli Lilly veteran David Bleakman, Ph.D., as its new chief scientific officer.

The startup, founded just last year and a JLABS alumnus, is working on next-gen tech that, the New York-based company explains, upends "traditional drug development by using gene therapy to target an engineered receptor to any cell type responsible for disease and modulating its function with an already-approved drug.” The biotech is using this platform to go after severe neurological disorders, but further details on its research and plans are not being put into the public arena quite yet.

This will fit well with Bleakman, who comes to Redpin from Eli Lilly, where he spent a major 25 years, most recently its vice president, CSO and neuroscience site leader at the company’s New York site.

“We are thrilled to welcome David to our team and look forward to leveraging his expansive expertise in CNS drug discovery and development to guide the advancement of our technology platforms and pipeline,” said Elma Hawkins, Ph.D., the biotech’s CEO.

“I am delighted to join Redpin at this formative time for the company,” added Bleakman. “I was particularly drawn to the potentially broad applicability of Redpin’s technology and, hence, the opportunity to help many patients.

“Our technology can be used to address currently intractable disorders across disparate therapeutic areas. Our hope is that our novel approach will lead to new and effective treatments for neurologic and psychiatric diseases.”