New Langer start-up garners $15M in Series A

Lexington, MA-based start-up Taris Biomedical has snared $15 million in its Series A, which will be put to use advancing a new drug-device therapy for bladder disease. Taris had been flying under the radar prior to its emergence at a conference yesterday.

Taris was born in the labs of MIT's Michael Cima and Robert Langer, who's helped establish a string of biotech companies over the years. The developer is headed by Christine Bunt, the former head of commercialization efforts at CombinatoRx. Flagship Ventures, Flybridge Capital Partners and Polaris Venture Partners participated in the round. 

Taris is developing a platform which will create semi-permeable tubes that can be inserted into patients and provide a slow and steady source of therapy. The developer is planning early-stage testing on a device that is inserted into a bladder, which then releases lidocaine into patients suffering from painful bladder syndrome.

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