New CEO Brett Ammundsen to Lead Biomatters into New Genomic Markets

New CEO Brett Ammundsen to Lead Biomatters into New Genomic Markets

AUCKLAND, New Zealand--Genomics software company Biomatters, the creators of Geneious, have appointed former Managing Director Dr. Brett Ammundsen as CEO, to lead the company as genomics extends from research into new clinical and consumer applications.

With a background career in science and with peer-reviewed publications and patents to his name, Brett spent the last decade utilizing his understanding of science to translate innovation into business. He first engaged with Biomatters at the launch of its Geneious product, attracted by the vision of a collaborative visualization framework that enables scientists to accelerate their research and discovery.

"The strength of Geneious is that it's created with the user in mind," says Brett. "Our customers publish - nearly 1,000 research publications cited Geneious last year. This product validation leads to uptake of Geneious by government institutions and companies in fields of application ranging from health to biofuels."

Looking ahead, Brett sees an important role for providers of bioinformatics tools. "There is a lot of excitement about the $1,000 genome, but sequencing entire genomes at a low cost generates an enormous amount of data which requires expert interpretation. To truly realize the promise of genomics, we need smart interfaces allowing clinicians and consumers to connect to the knowledge associated with the genomic data, and make real world decisions with confidence."

Biomatters' Chairman Greg Casagrande says: "The appointment of Brett comes at a time when the genomics industry and our customers are experiencing a game-changing revolution in both genome sequencing and computing technologies. Brett is seasoned in the application and commercialization of leading-edge science, and has the experience and capability to ensure that Biomatters continues to deliver relevant and disruptive innovations."

Brett is a strong supporter of the vision of personal genomics and is participating in the 23andMe pilot exome project. "There is nothing quite like looking at your own genomic data," he says. "It's an insight into the lineage of your past as well as your potential future."

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