Nestlé says its nutrition therapy biz could be worth $10B; Sanders campaign rejects Shkreli donation;

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> Nestlé believes its nascent nutritional therapy business, meant to bridge the gap between food and pharma, can eventually grow into a $10 billion enterprise. News

> Hong Kong's Hutchison China MediTech is plotting a $100 million IPO to advance its pipeline of immuno-oncology therapies. More

> Martin Shkreli, the controversial CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, made a $2,700 donation to Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential effort, a gift the campaign said it will donate to charity. Story

Medical Device News

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> Theranos dials down lab testing amid FDA pushback. Story

> WSJ: Former Theranos employees reveal problems with proprietary testing device. More

Pharma News

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> U.K. cost watchdog gives thumbs-up to Bristol-Myers' hep C drug. Story

> FDA's review of BI's Pradaxa was 'lax' and 'permissive,' watchdog claims. Article

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