Nanostream Enters European Market

Nanostream opens sales and support office in The Netherlands.

Pasadena, CA and Bemmel, The Netherlands (PRWEB) September 13, 2007 -- Nanostream, provider of products and services that increase productivity in laboratories at pharmaceutical and biotech companies, extends its global reach to Europe by establishing a sales and support office in The Netherlands. As part of the company's growth strategy in Europe, this new office will facilitate sales of Nanostream's micro parallel liquid chromatography products and assay development services to European scientists. Nanostream's sales effort and operations in Europe will be locally managed and supported by Touchdown Biomarketing.

"With global pharmaceutical companies deploying our products at multiple worldwide sites, it has become evident that we need a local presence in Europe to provide a higher level of service and support for these customers," said Stephen Zolnay, VP of business development, Nanostream, Inc. "We are thrilled to provide a direct market presence for Nanostream in Europe, which will be critical for growth of our global install base."

"In the European market, we've seen a high demand for scientists investing in technology to improve productivity and data quality in early drug discovery," said Alan Chan, Business Development, Nanostream Europe. "Nanostream's technology allows scientists to develop assays, based on the physical separation of substrate and product, which are difficult or cannot be performed in a plate-based homogenous format. Working with Touchdown Biomarketing's experienced sales and support team and their broad network of European scientists, will enable us to be successful in accelerating the adoption of our technology in the life sciences market."

Nanostream products are employed in laboratories worldwide to reduce assay development time, increase throughput for analytical applications and overcome chromatography bottlenecks for drug metabolism studies. The company recently announced its new service offerings for assay development and other customized solutions for the screening laboratory.

About Nanostream:

Nanostream provides products and services to increase productivity in laboratories at pharmaceutical and biotech companies. Based on micro parallel liquid chromatography, Nanostream products are designed to integrate with existing workflow. Nanostream products enable assay development and detection, high-throughput liquid chromatography and sample preparation. Six of the top ten U.S. pharmaceutical companies employ Nanostream's micro parallel liquid chromatography technology in their laboratories. Founded in 1999, Nanostream is headquartered in Pasadena, CA and maintains a worldwide customer base. More information about the company is available at

About TouchDown Biomarketing:

TouchDown Biomarketing bv offers operational management and support to technology companies that is necessary for the successful commercial introduction of innovative products into the European life sciences marketplace. With extensive business networks in Europe, USA and Japan, TouchDown Biomarketing has established a number of partnerships to provide the most optimal portfolio of services. For more information, visit

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