More layoffs at GSK; Biogen: Tysabri patients have PML;

> In The Pipeline reports that GSK employees are facing another round of layoffs, this time in the oncology group. Blog

> Two Tysabri patients have come down with the potentially fatal brain infection, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, or PML, that caused Biogen to withdraw the multiple-sclerosis treatment back in 2005. This time around, though, the company doesn't plan to pull the med or further restrict it. Tysabri report

> Heightened media attention to the financial ties between vaccine makers and the physician groups which advocate their use appears to be encouraging a growing number of parents to skip the jabs for their kids--at a cost. Report

> As if to bolster Big Pharma's recent turn toward emerging markets for growth, a new study has pegged China as the fifth largest pharmaceutical market by 2010. Report

> The deeply confused state of HIV vaccine research was underscored by NIAID chief Anthony Fauci's recent decision to halt a planned human trial of an experimental jab. Report

> The angry exchanges between Emergent BioSolutions and Protein Sciences keep getting nastier. Report

> Acambis is plotting its growth strategy after Sanofi Pasteur's $549M buyout. Report

> Abbott Laboratories pinched its Norvir legal troubles in the bud, settling antitrust claims for $10 million to $27.5 million. Abbot report

> Congress wants to get its hands on the latest Vytorin data. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is asking the FDA to fork over an analysis of the recently released SEAS trial, which ended up being a double whammy for Merck and Schering-Plough. Report

And Finally... An experimental vaccine created from genetically engineered plant cells appears to be effective against the Black Plague, which has bedeviled the world for centuries and is listed as a top bioterror threat. Report