MIT's Dr. Robert Langer Joins Nanobiosym Scientific Advisory Board

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nanobiosym, a leading nanotechnology firm, has announced that M.I.T. professor Dr. Robert Langer, winner of the Lemelson-M.I.T. Innovation Prize, has joined the company's Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. Langer was recently awarded the National Medal of Innovation and Technology by President Obama and has served as chairman of the FDA's highest advisory board.

Nanobiosym creates and commercializes breakthrough technologies at the nexus of physics, biomedicine and nanotechnology. Nanobiosym's product platform, Gene-RADAR®, is a mobile device that detects DNA/RNA biomarkers in real time, enabling individuals to personalize their diagnosis and monitor their response to treatment.

"I am delighted to welcome Dr. Langer to our team," said Nanobiosym Chairman and CEO, Dr. Anita Goel, a Harvard-M.I.T. physicist-physician and internationally renowned nanotechnology scientist and entrepreneur. "Dr. Langer has been pioneering the precision delivery of drugs and novel therapeutics and we at Nanobiosym have been developing mobile platforms that quantify molecular fingerprints in real time. In collaboration with forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies, we are developing companion nanodiagnostics that will enable novel medicines and therapies to reach patients faster. Our goal is to make medicine less toxic, more precise, more affordable and more effective by personalizing it for each individual. We call this Personalized Nanomedicine."

"Nanotechnology is revolutionizing how we tackle key issues in medicine and Dr. Goel and her team at Nanobiosym are working at the forefront of this revolution," said Dr. Langer. "I am enthusiastic about Dr. Goel's pioneering work in nanobiophysics and her invention Gene-RADAR® has vast applications for medicine. Gene-RADAR® can be customized for companion diagnostic applications that accelerate the discovery, clinical validation, and FDA approvals of novel pharmaceuticals. I am delighted to join the Nanobiosym Scientific Advisory Board and work closely with Dr. Goel."

John Abele, the co-founding Chairman of Boston Scientific and a leader in commercializing disruptive healthcare technologies, welcomed the news. "Dr. Goel and Dr. Langer are both pioneers in their respective fields; together they will blaze a new trail in medicine. Gene-RADAR® will enable not only the diagnosis of disease but the monitoring of drug response at an unprecedented level of precision. Nanobiosym has forged a bold model for driving commercial adoption of this disruptive technology by leveraging niche markets in both the developed and developing worlds."

"We are designing our nanotech platforms to decentralize, mobilize, and personalize the infrastructure needed to deliver the next generation of healthcare. Nanobiosym's mission is to empower people worldwide to take ownership over their own health. We are taking the ability to diagnose disease and monitor one's health from the hospital or pathology lab and literally placing it into your own hand," said Dr. Goel.

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