Millipore Unveils Single-Use Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor at ESACT Meeting

Millipore Unveils Single-Use Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor at ESACT Meeting
Single-use solution eliminates downtime and increases throughput

Billerica, Massachusetts-June 7, 2009-Millipore Corporation, a Life Science leader providing technologies, tools and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, today introduced its new Mobius CellReady 3L Bioreactor at the European Society for Animal Cell Technology (ESACT) conference in Dublin, Ireland. This ready-to-use three-liter bioreactor demonstrates all the benefits typically associated with single-use processing, while incorporating standard design features familiar to customers already using benchtop, stirred-tank bioreactors.

"We are excited to expand our single-use offerings with the uniquely designed Mobius CellReady Bioreactor. Now process development scientists have a benchtop, single-use bioreactor that's ready to use right out of the box so they can maximize their time in the laboratory," said Andrew Bulpin, Ph.D., Vice President, Upstream Processing, Millipore Corporation.

Designed to replace traditional glass benchtop bioreactors, the CellReady 3L Bioreactor has a standard stirred-tank format for use in development and optimization of cell culture processes. This vessel design provides a higher degree of predictability during process scale-up when compared to formats utilizing alternative vessel designs and agitation methods. It features a universal design, ensuring compatibility with most benchtop bioreactor control systems. By eliminating time-consuming steps associated with cleaning, assembly, and sterilization, the CellReady 3L bioreactor significantly reduces the turnaround time typically associated with glass bioreactors.

Arthur Oudshoorn, Managing Director, Applikon Biotechnology B.V. commented, "The CellReady Bioreactor is the first and only single-use bioreactor that truly mimics the characteristics of autoclavable bioreactors, which have evolved and proven their performance over decades. As such, the Mobius CellReady Bioreactor is bound to provide the long awaited breakthrough of stirred-tank single-use bioreactors."

The CellReady 3L Bioreactor was co-developed under agreement with Applikon Biotechnology B.V., a market leader in traditional, glass and stainless steel bench-scale bioreactors, specifically for use within biopharmaceutical process development applications.

About Millipore

Millipore (NYSE: MIL) is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As a strategic partner, we collaborate with customers to confront the world's challenging human health issues. From research to development to production, our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle their most complex problems and achieve their goals. Millipore Corporation is an S&P 500 company with more than 5,900 employees in 30 countries worldwide. For more information, visit

About Applikon Biotechnology B.V.

Applikon Biotechnology B.V. (Schiedam, Netherlands) is a privately owned leading supplier of bioreactor systems for the pharmaceutical and the biotechnological market. We specialize in novel technologies in cultivation systems, measurement and control for the biopharmaceutical industry. In the past years, Applikon Biotechnology has built up a broad portfolio of unique bioprocessing devices for both cell culture and microbial cultivation, and this has considerably set us apart from the competition. We are definitely a step ahead.

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