Michigan forms biotech caucus

In cooperation with MichBio--Michigan's life sciences association--a group of Michigan legislators are forming a biotechnology legislative caucus in an effort to get state's political leaders to take the industry more seriously. They hope the caucus will give the industry a way to communicate more effectively with politicians. While Michigan's biotech industry isn't as robust as say, California's or Boston's, the state has made great strides in recent years to attract drug developers.

James Greenwood, president and CEO of BIO, said that Michigan has a promising future in biotech and that it should continue investing in the industry whether or not its profitable right now. "The reason that Michigan should invest in life sciences is because it is undoubtedly where the future is going," Greenwood said. "There is nothing people value more than the health and the health of their loved ones. People will pay for that. Society will pay for that."

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