Merck Serono steps into IO spotlight with PhII cancer study

Helen Sabzevari

Looking to share some of the spotlight focused on the immuno-oncology arena, Merck Serono says it has launched a mid-stage study of MSB0010718C, an anti-PD-L1 antibody. Investigators plan to recruit 84 patients around the world with rare cases of Merkel cell carcinoma. "We believe that modulating the immune system by targeting PD-L1 represents a promising new approach in the treatment of this aggressive cancer, especially considering that many of the predisposing factors for mMCC seem to be related to functional disruptions of the immune system," said Helen Sabzevari, senior vice president of immuno-oncology at the German biopharma company. Merck Serono has been working on a turnaround in its R&D division after undergoing a major restructuring. Release