Merck KGaA boss planning a new round of smaller deals

Don't expect Merck KGaA to announce any big takeover deals this year. But everything else is on the table, including licensing pacts, R&D alliances and small buyouts.

That's the word from Chief Executive Karl-Ludwig Kley, who says his primary task this year will be the absorption of Millipore. After that the company "has many ideas" on how it can expand the business. And Merck's new pharmaceuticals chief, Stefan Oschmann, is likely to take a lead role in determining exactly which new deals the company should pursue.

"The year 2010 was a transformational year for Merck with the acquisition of Millipore adding new capabilities, scale and innovative products, in line with our long-term strategy," said Kley. "Financially, 2010 exceeded expectations and raised our revenue and profitability profiles."

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