Meet the new publisher

Group Publisher Rebecca Friend

I'm Rebecca Friend, the new publisher of FierceMarkets' Life Sciences group. You may recognize me from my work as publisher of FiercePharma or as the owner of the FierceBiotech and FiercePharma LinkedIn groups. I've been with the Life Sciences group for the past two years focusing primarily in the pharma industry, and now I am looking forward to expanding my role across the entire Life Sciences network of publications.

2013 has been a great year for the Fierce Life Sciences team. Our editorial staff traveled the globe, covering industry events across the United States and over the ocean in Europe. We expanded our news coverage, launching our 11th publication, FierceDiagnostics. Along with expanding our reach, we welcomed new editors Emily Mullin, Michael Gibney, Carly Helfand, copy chief Linda Felaco and managing editor Galen Moore to the team. With a larger group and a wider coverage area, we found new ways to interact with readers through the launch of our FiercePharma and FierceBiotech LinkedIn groups, and we continue to connect with readers every day using Twitter. We did a lot in 2013.

I'm looking forward to 2014 and the opportunities that lie ahead. We strive to make our publications your most trusted source for industry news, and I encourage you to reach out to let us know how we're doing. You can get in touch with me and the rest of the team via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn. Whichever method you prefer, please do reach out with any questions, comments or tips. Thanks for reading. -- Rebecca Friend (email | Twitter)