MedImmune wins panel backing for expanded use of FluMist

MedImmune has won an expert panel vote to expand the use of FluMist to children. In a nine to six vote the panel concluded the benefits of the nasal spray outweighed the risks in children 1 to 5 years old with no known respiratory problems. MedImmune, which has agreed to a takeover bid from AstraZeneca, has been working to expand the market as well as ease of use of FluMist, which proved a colossal bomb when it was first approved in 2003.

- here's the report from CNN on MedImmune

ALSO: Shareholders of MedImmune have filed a class action lawsuit claiming that AstraZeneca's $15.6 billion deal is designed to benefit MedImmune's execs more than its shareholders. Report

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