Mass. Governor to sign $1B incentives plan

Thousands of biotech execs flocking to San Diego for the annual BIO meeting are likely to hear an earful from Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, who will be arriving with a freshly approved, $1 billion incentives program to woo biotech companies. Lawmakers had signed off on the legislation late last week, leaving Patrick just enough time to sign the bill today before hopping a flight to the West Coast confab.

The best thing that Massachusetts has going for it is a thriving cluster of life science companies that have created a legion of experienced executives and top scientists--many of whom work among the universities in and around Boston. That kind of cluster effect--added to a new slate of incentives--is likely to make the state much more effective at attracting more companies to the area. It should also help overcome many of the bureaucratic barriers that start-ups faced in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts made FierceBiotech's list of top economic development areas for the industry this year--a first for the state.

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