Live from BIO: Day 1 in review

E&Y: 2009 forever changed the biopharma industry
by Maureen Martino
The sting of the 2009 economic crisis is starting to fade. But last year's crisis was so different, so widespread and so global that it has forever changed the way biotech and pharmaceutical companies look at drug development, bringing about a "new normal" for the industry. Read more...

What makes partnerships work?
by Liz Jones
Just what makes some partnerships successful, while others fail? A group of pharma experts discussed this topic yesterday at the panel After the Honeymoon: Making Partnerships Work. Article

Alliance: Pfizer, J&J lead regenerative medicine charge
by Maureen Martino
During first day of the 2010 BIO convention I met with Morrie Ruffin, managing director and one of the founding members of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine. The Alliance was founded last year with 17 charter members made up of Big Pharma, biotech, research institutions and investors. Report

FierceBiotech sits down with Scottish Enterprise
by Liz Jones
Monday at BIO, FierceBiotech sat down with Rhona Allison, director of Scottish Enterprise, a government agency tasked with economic development, to discuss what is going on life sciences in that country. Report

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