Live from BIO 2010: Day two in review

Vaccines in the 21st century
by Liz Jones
With new pathogens coming to the fore, new vaccines are absolutely still necessary, an expert panel said Tuesday at the BIO 2010 convention. But while opportunities exist, so do a number of challenges. Read more...

Live from BIO: What do biotech VCs want?
by Maureen Martino
A perennial hot topic in biotech is figuring out how to raise funding. And on day two of the BIO 2010 convention, a panel of five venture capitalists gave audience members a chance to ask questions about how best to position their companies to raise capital. Expert advice

Hamburg discusses advancing regulatory science
by Liz Jones
FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg addressed attendees at the BIO 2010 conference, where she emphasized the need to strengthen regulatory science to evaluate the safety and efficacy of products more quickly to get them to the people. Without strengthening regulatory science, many promising technologies may be abandoned because there wasn't the know-how to see their potential. Article

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