LiquidGrids Releases Social Health Knowledge Base and Intelligent Messaging Platform

LiquidGrids Releases Social Health Knowledge Base and Intelligent Messaging Platform

LA JOLLA, Calif., March 29, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- LiquidGrids today announced the broad release of its Social Health Knowledge Base and Intelligent Messaging software platform for the life science community. The company's Knowledge Base provides real-time digital health intelligence for life science companies looking to connect with the virtual communities of healthcare consumers involved in online health-related conversations. Additionally, the intelligent messaging platform allows highly flexible and large scale engagement campaigns in real time.

LiquidGrids' proprietary Social Health Knowledge Base contains nearly half a million medical terms, diagnoses and diagnosis codes, procedures, pharmaceutical and over-the-counter drugs, and common misspellings of each. The company's software applies all these terms to search for, capture and evaluate health-related conversations in the social media universe, and puts them into a powerful information repository. This valuable information can be used to inform companies throughout the product lifecycle from clinical trials through loss of patent. The LiquidGrids Knowledge Base, currently growing at a rate of two million new social media posts per day, provides predictive intelligence that allows life science companies to actively engage with consumers through large scale, targeted informational campaigns.

"Marketing teams at pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device and healthcare companies are struggling with how to best connect with consumers online, and LiquidGrids offers a means to directly reach consumers in a very targeted and meaningful way," said Malcolm Bohm, president and CEO of LiquidGrids. "LiquidGrids Social Health Knowledge Base and Intelligent Messaging Platform enables companies to actively engage with the more than 89 million people who participate in health-related conversations in social media every day."

LiquidGrids' has developed a medical classifier that distills out only the health-related conversations from the millions of online communications in the social media world. The software works in real time, and can determine a variety of metrics including health conversation topics and sub-topics, as well as the geographic location, age, gender and level of influence of each individual participating in health-related conversations online.

"Once you have this kind of repository you can apply algorithms to the data. For example, we are classifying where a consumer is in the disease lifecycle--diagnosis treatment and/or procedure stage--and beginning to predict the impact that these communities of people with specific health conditions will have on the system," added Bohm.

LiquidGrids software turns this massive collection of healthcare dialogue into relevant strategic data through the development of customized grids. These grids can be focused around specific diseases, diagnoses, treatment modalities, procedures, or any combination of factors that are relevant to a specific client.

Empowered with this information, companies can use the LiquidGrids engagement tool to connect with and intelligently message the online community interested in a particular health topic, or target specific subsets of that community. This proactive online engagement is highly scalable and can be one-to-one, one-to-many, or one-to-all.

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