Lilly drug outperforms Plavix, but there's a catch

Eli Lilly's shot at a blockbuster heart drug was in question this morning after researchers unveiled new data showing that prasugrel outperformed a top competitor in the anti-clotting market while increasing the risk of bleeding. At least one analyst took a look at the mixed results and shaved the drug's earnings potential. The 13,608-patient study examined the performance of prasugrel against Plavix, with Lilly's drug turning in impressive numbers for reducing the number of heart attacks and other significant events.

But the upside was shadowed by a downside in an increased number of bleeding incidents. Some prominent cardiologists told the Wall Street Journal that the study results were strong enough to gain an FDA approval, which is likely to hinge on the balance between better outcomes and the risks attached. Researchers announced a new late-stage study for prasrugel this morning.

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