Leaders of Healthcare, Biotech and Pharmaceutical Companies Sending Proclamation to President Obama and Congress Urging Solution

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- A global executives' organization, meeting in San Francisco to host leaders of healthcare, biotech and pharmaceutical companies as well as bankers and other investors, today called on President Obama and the leaders of Congress to join an effort by others in business, education, government and philanthropy to "work across disciplines to overcome obstacles" to solving the nation's healthcare crisis.

The proclamation was presented by George Bickerstaff, Executive Chairman of The Global Leaders, a digital business community for 2 million CEOs and other business leaders, for the opening of The Global Leaders 2nd Annual Healthcare Forum, a program that brought together scientists, industry leaders and investors to seek ways to bridge the gap between healthcare innovation and financial resources. The Global Leaders employs a problem-solving method called "Group Network Theory" that unlocks the power of groups in addressing challenges by bringing people together in small, high-powered teams to address a dilemma. 

Mr. Bickerstaff, Partner and Managing Director of M.M. Dillon LLC, and former CFO, Novartis Pharma AG, was first to sign the document and pledged full support of The Global Leaders.   

The forum's opening panel, moderated by Kathleen Sharp, contributor to The New York Times and author of Blood Feud, was to take a global view of healthcare and seek conclusions about world progress to date.  The picture is mixed, because, despite the enormous obstacles to providing affordable healthcare, on the horizon are potential breakthroughs; for example, new systems to help patients keep track of their own medical conditions.  Another panel was to feature former CEOs from four of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies: Jeff Kindler (Pfizer), Harry Kraemer (Baxter International), Robert G. Johnson, Jr., MD, PhD (Kosan Biosciences), and Myrtle Potter (Genentech, Inc.).

The forum brought together leaders from around the world, who are associated with more than 25 countries, 60 industries and 750 companies, with collective financial power exceeding $1 trillion

Details from the forum will be posted real-time on Twitter at @TGLeaders (#TGLHealth), and key findings and reports will subsequently be posted on www.TGLeaders.com.   

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SOURCE The Global Leaders