LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Initiates Four Additional Collaboration Studies For Its PG Depot

LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals Initiates Four Additional Collaboration Studies For Its PG Depot

SAN DIEGO--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (LPI), a San Diego-based drug formulation developer, announced today that it has initiated four additional collaborative programs for its Phospholipid Gel (PG) Depot drug delivery technology. The programs are designed to provide sustained delivery of small and large therapeutic molecules up to 7 days following a single subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. The new studies bring the total to eleven collaborations that are applying the PG Depot to deliver small molecule, peptide, and protein drugs across a broad spectrum of therapeutic applications.

"Our latest projects represent a growing recognition from startups to large pharma of the potential for LATITUDE's PG Depot technology," noted Andrew Chen, PhD, LPI's president. "We are very pleased that our newest collaborators have selected the value-adding PG Depot to overcome the short half-life and frequent injection issues problematic for many emerging medicines, especially proteins and peptides. By reducing the discomfort of daily injections, LATITUDE's approach offers an attractive alternative for producing better compliance and outcomes for patients."

About the PG Depot

LPI's proprietary PG Depot technology is a versatile parenteral drug delivery platform for small and large molecule therapeutics that delivers up to 7 days of low burst, peak-free sustained drug release following a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection. The PG Depot is a single-phase, ready-to-use, pen injector-deliverable gel that can be injected through fine (27G or narrower) needles.

The gel's compatibility with sensitive proteins combined with its high loading capacity (up to 20% w/w) will enable the PG Depot to convert once-a-day injections into a once-a-week regimen for many drugs, including low-potency actives. Previously, this conversion was not possible for many depot systems.

Since the PG Depot uses only FDA-approved injectable and biodegradable ingredients, it has key advantages over other depot systems that contain novel polymers or animal-derived materials and face ever-increasing safety hurdles at the FDA and other regulatory agencies.

About LATITUDE Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

LPI is a drug delivery company that develops new intellectual property for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries through IP-driven, leading-edge drug formulation approaches and technologies. LPI has built a solid reputation as an innovator and for its successful track record in formulating difficult and/or highly insoluble drug molecules.