Last call: Deadline looms for 2010 Fierce 15

When I started writing up drug development news for FierceBiotech way back in 2003, one of the first special projects I had to field was that year's Fierce 15. I didn't have a lot of time, and not everyone I called for the report knew who I was or what I was about.

Things have changed, of course, as they always do. Now I scout for new Fierce 15 companies year-round. Any private developer I come across that has a compelling story to tell about great science, the venture funds they've raised, a stellar team of executives and wonderful prospects gets a note in the F-15 file. And some of these executives I know fairly well by now.

Over the next few weeks I'll be putting the finishing touches to the 2010 Fierce 15, FierceBiotech's ninth annual extravaganza. And while I have a number of prospective companies on my list, I haven't finished the selection process. So, if you know of a private biotech company that deserves special recognition, drop me a note. We even have a handy new form for you to fill out.

This year we're also making a major change to the selection process. Subscribers will have the chance to select one of the Fierce 15 in a reader's choice selection. Just follow the link to place your recommendation and we'll count the votes. Just keep in mind that the biotech you vote for has to be a private company.  

Click here to nominate your choice for this year's Fierce 15.

We'll have the report out later this month. I'll keep you posted on the timing.  - John Carroll (twitter | email)