Kryptiq Introduces New Chief Medical Officer, Joseph Siemienczuk, MD

BEAVERTON, Ore., June 23, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Kryptiq, a market leader in population health management, announced today the appointment of Joseph Siemienczuk, MD, as its chief medical officer. In this capacity, Dr. Siemienczuk will partner with Kryptiq's chief population health officer, Dr. Jacquelyn Hunt, to oversee the discovery, codification, and curation of the latest evidence based medical guidelines within Kryptiq CareManager, the company's flagship population health management platform. Dr. Siemienczuk will also play an integral role in the development of value-based programs, as well as the corresponding clinical workflows housed within CareManager. In so doing, Dr. Siemienczuk will lead Kryptiq's ongoing effort to help providers practice at the height of their licensure, while simultaneously enabling healthcare delivery organizations to reduce unwarranted variation in care delivery.

Joseph Siemienczuk, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Kryptiq Corporation
"It is well known within the industry, but not often widely discussed, that it takes far too long for research evidence to be adopted in clinical practice," stated Luis Machuca, chief executive officer of Kryptiq. "In a 2011 article from The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, researchers suggested that it may take, on average, 17 years. I am excited Joe has joined the Kryptiq team. He will ensure that we bring the latest evidence based guidelines to the point of care, and that we do it in 90 days or less."

Most recently, Dr. Siemienczuk led Providence Medical Group as its chief executive officer, where he had operational and financial accountability for more than 700 physicians and 80 clinics organized within Providence Health & Services' integrated delivery network. During his tenure, Dr. Siemienczuk received the President's Award for Excellence from Providence in recognition of disease management outcomes and program performance. While there, he and Dr. Hunt also conceived and subsequently developed the software platform that was eventually acquired by Kryptiq, now marketed under the CareManager brand.

Dr. Siemienczuk received his M.D. from Oregon Health Sciences University, graduating Cum Laude, and performed his residency at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is a sought after speaker and has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed articles with topics spanning disease management, population health management, and patient activation.

About Kryptiq

Kryptiq develops solutions for population health and patient relationship management, enabling providers to identify care opportunities informed by clinical and financial data at the point of care. By unifying care teams and connecting provider organizations, we help healthcare delivery organizations improve patient care quality, practice efficiency, and accountability.