Knome Announces Early Access Program for knomeCLINIC

Knome Announces Early Access Program for knomeCLINIC

Select medical institutions to obtain pre-release access to Knome's whole genome informatics, annotation, and interpretation-support software platform

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Knome, Inc., today announced the start of its early technology access program for knomeCLINIC, a software suite designed to help medical researchers and clinicians interpret human genomes for biological relevance. Clinics accepted into the early access program will be given installation priority, access to pilot programs and pre-release prototypes, and the ability to influence knomeCLINIC's feature set upon general release.

On release, knomeCLINIC will consist of the following components:
•kGAP™: a robust, scalable, and extensible informatics and annotation platform that serves as the technical foundation for knomeCLINIC's desktop interpretation-support applications. kGAP accepts raw sequence data from major sequencing platforms—generating standardized, annotated data sets.
•Desktop interpretation-support applications: applications that allow medical researchers and clinicians to identify the genetic variants, genes and pathways that underlie disease and tumor growth—helping them conduct longitudinal studies, better understand both rare and common diseases, and evaluate personalized treatment regimens.
•Knowledge database: a database of Knome-curated and harmonized reference data from more than a dozen sources, containing over 100,000 genotype-phenotype associations.
•Curation applications: software that enables researchers, physician practice groups, and medical institutions to curate and prioritize genotype-phenotype associations, whether publically available or self-generated.

"The shift to integrate whole genome information into clinical diagnosis and patient management is evolving rapidly, driven by steadily falling sequencing costs and improved understanding of actionable genetic data," said Martin Tolar, MD, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Knome. "With the launch of our early access program for knomeCLINIC, we are excited to begin collaborating with top-tier medical institutions in order to ensure that our software is optimized for the needs of clinical genomics and expectations of our initial partners."

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Knome ( is a leading provider of human genome interpretation software and services. Clients use our innovative solutions to identify the genetic basis of disease, tumor growth, and drug response. Designed to accelerate the process of interpreting whole genomes and enable the clinical application of genomic findings, Knome's technologies are helping to pave the healthcare industry's transition to molecular-based, personalized medicine.


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