Ireland eyes up to 4,500 R&D jobs

Three biopharma companies--International Prevention Research Institute, Global Research Services (GRS) and Optivia Biotechnology-- announced 280 jobs in County Kerry yesterday part of the Pharmaceutical Centre of Excellence (GPCE) project to build R&D activities in the area. "Over the next four years up to 50 small-to-medium-sized businesses will form part of the €4.7 billion...project, employing up to 4,500," notes the Irish Times, according to presentations at the Shannon Development Headquarters in Tralee. A report release last year estimated that the $6 billion project could create up to 4,800 jobs R&D and manufacturing, including 116 spots for academic professionals, 321 jobs for corporate management executives and 4,380 graduate student positions.

Officials hope that in five years' time the project will grow into an important R&D center in Europe. Plans have been submitted for a 32-acre site that will feature many laboratories and a large auditorium. But significant investment from the state will be necessary to get the project off the ground.

- here's the Irish Times report