Investors fret over Lilly's pipeline, Prasugel data

Barron's concludes that Eli Lilly's anti-clotting drug Prasrugel will probably make it to the market, but recent safety data is likely to prevent it from becoming the kind of blockbuster the drug company badly needs. How badly? A series of upcoming patent expirations will potentially trim up to 60 percent of its revenue. Other big competitor drugs are going to go generic relatively soon. And if physicians are scared away from preferring Prasrugel to Plavix, that's one more big gap to fill on Lilly's financial horizon. Even more worrisome, analysts can't find any other potential blockbusters in the Lilly pipeline. It all spells trouble for the company's stock price, which has shrunk considerably since it issued its latest batch of Prasrugel data.

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