Investor bets against Genzyme buyout offer; HemaQuest adds $4M to Series B;

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> At least one big Wall Street investor appears to be betting that all the Genzyme takeover buzz is just empty talk. Story

> Fast-growing Tethys Bioscience has garnered $33 million from venture firms and lenders and plans to put the money to work beefing up its marketing effort for a predictive diabetes test that scans blood for seven key biomarkers. News

> HemaQuest Pharmaceuticals has topped up its Series B with an additional $4 million, bringing the total to $16 million. The company is developing small molecule therapeutics for sickle cell disease, beta thalassemia and EBV-related cancers. Release

> Allos Therapeutics says that the cancer drug Folotyn extended the survival rate of lung cancer patients, but the most recent sales of the drug for another type of cancer slipped below market estimates and the biotech's shares plunged 13 percent. Story

> As expected, GW Pharma has now won an approval to market its cannabis-based pain drug Sativex in Spain. This is the UK biotech's second regulatory approval for the therapy. Story

> Marina Biotech has acquired the intellectual property of Novosom AG's Smarticles liposomal-based delivery system in an all-stock transaction. Release

> Belgium's MabCure says that it has found a new and better way to identify the unique markers associated with ovarian cancer. This discovery may help to identify the lethal disease while it's still likely that treatment can prolong a patient's life. Mabcure story

> The personalized health movement is getting an influential new player in Japan. Thermo Fisher Scientific announced this week it is pairing its know-how in mass spectrometry with the research skills of a couple of top scientists--Toshihide Nishimura, professor at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Gyorgy Marko-Varga, professor at the Tokyo Medical University Hospital and Lund University, Sweden--to create a new Biomarker Researcher Center in Tokyo. Report

> Brain injuries can be difficult to diagnose, leading to late or incorrect treatment. However, researchers may soon be able to identify biomarkers allowing them to catch brain injuries with a simple blood test. Article

And Finally... Experts have shown for the first time that a pig's mood mirrors how content he is, highlighting that pigs are capable of complex emotions which are directly influenced by their living conditions. Release