Intrexon Appoints Former NIH Investigator to Identify High Value Therapeutic Opportunities

Intrexon Appoints Former NIH Investigator to Identify High Value Therapeutic Opportunities

Dr. William Fogler joins Human Therapeutics leadership team


GERMANTOWN, Md.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct 7, 2010 - Intrexon Corporation, a privately held synthetic biology company, today announced the appointment of William E. Fogler, Ph.D., as Senior Director of Portfolio Analysis and Planning for its Human Therapeutics Division. Dr. Fogler's efforts will focus on identifying high value therapeutic opportunities for which Intrexon's proprietary technologies and capabilities confer an unparalleled advantage.

Dr. Fogler has extensive experience in translational research with a proven track record of designing and managing multiple therapeutic projects from discovery through early clinical evaluation. His insightful understanding of applied therapeutics was honed during a decade long tenure as an innovative investigator at the National Institutes of Health during which he held a dual appointment at the National Cancer Institute's extramural Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program and intramural Laboratory of Experimental Immunology group. Among other activities at the NIH, he was the principal NCI congressional contact for non-conventional cancer therapies and established correlative working groups as adjuncts to the clinical development of biologics. He joins Intrexon from EntreMed, Inc. of Rockville, Maryland, where he served as Senior Director of Translational Research. Dr. Fogler received his Ph.D. in Pathology from University of Maryland at Baltimore, School of Medicine, M.S. in Biomedical Science from Hood College in Frederick, Maryland, and B.S. in Biology from the University of Maryland at College Park. He is an accomplished scientist-inventor with 68 peer-reviewed publications, 16 book chapters, and 15 patents to date.

"Intrexon is positioned at the vanguard of next-generation biotherapeutic companies," states Dr. Fogler. "The intersection of the company's DNA-based control systems and high throughput, complex transgene production platform enables a wide range of innovative biotherapeutic options and opportunities. I am particularly excited with the results the company has been obtaining by regulating the in-body production of therapeutic proteins using its industry-leading RheoSwitch Therapeutic SystemTM in combination with the oral dosing of a small molecule activator ligand." Continues Fogler, "I see no end to how these specialized controls and rapid transgene production capabilities can offer innovative solutions to many of our most vexing clinical challenges and unmet diseases."

Randal J. Kirk, Intrexon's Chairman and CEO, comments, "It's terrific to have a scientist and translational researcher of Dr. Fogler's caliber and experience leading our portfolio planning process. I am very pleased that Bill has joined Intrexon and look forward to the results of his insightful leadership."

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