International Stem Cell Institute Launches Major Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Program—The New Frontier of Medicin

Your Fat is Your Medicine Cabinet

SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- International Stem Cell Institute (, a worldwide leader in Stem Cell Therapy, today announces the launch of its significant and proprietary Adipose-derived Adult Stem Cell Therapy program, declaring it an extremely effective solution to treat degenerative diseases and conditions. Scientists and medical researchers worldwide are finding adult stem cells have an almost magical ability to heal the human body, and the supporting scientific evidence is rapidly mounting. The FDA recently approved Geron Corporation and University of California at Irvine to conduct trials utilizing embryonic stem cells in patients with spinal cord injuries. However after ten years of rigorous testing and research on embryonic stem cells, scientists have still not been able to treat or cure any diseases. By comparison, adult stem cells continue to show their ability to successfully treat human disease and injury, while embryonic stem cells continue to demonstrate zero benefits for humans, and only limited results in animal models. It’s now widely accepted Adult Stem Cells hold the real key to curing diseases and medical conditions and are the future direction of medicine. ISCI’s treatments—based solely on Adult Stem Cells—utilize leading edge technologies, and hold immediate promise for patients suffering from many forms of degenerative diseases.

New Hope for Many Conditions Is Available Now

An industry pioneer, ISCI is currently scheduling patients for treatment, especially those suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Myocardial ischemia, Lupus, MS, stroke, Diabetes type 1 and type 2, ALS, COPD, and spinal cord injuries and a host of autoimmune related conditions – illnesses which affect hundreds of thousands of patients in the United States alone. Patients receive their own Adult Stem and Regenerative Cells, thereby avoiding the risk of rejection or disease transmission that exists with donor stem cells and the controversy associated with embryonic stem cells. Once introduced these cells show an amazing ability to help heal the body’s organs and tissues, in addition to improving blood supplies and circulation to the diseased organs and tissues.

"Patients suffering with degenerative diseases today have few options, so this medical breakthrough is an important milestone both for affected patients and doctors treating them," says Rita Alexander, Executive Director for the International Stem Cell Institute (ISCI, located in San Diego, California. "Our Adipose Stem Cell Therapy program maximizes the healing potential of your own body. It's not just harvesting the stem cells, but how those stem cells are prepared and activated which impacts the in vivo therapeutic effect, that’s why our Adipose Stem Cell Therapy program is completely different from anything else available today,” claims Alexander.

Your Fat Is Medicine, Contains Stem Cells in the Millions

Adipose tissue—commonly referred to as “fat”—is the human body's richest known source of stem cells. Adult Stem Cells are found in several areas of the body, but with Adipose-derived Stem Cells by far holding the most healing potential. For therapeutic purposes peripheral blood contains about 10,000 stem cells per treatment. Bone marrow contains about 50,000 adult stem cells. By comparison stem cells directly obtained from adipose tissue (Fat) yields and incredible 10 to 60 million stem cells per treatment. These are the highly desirable Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cells capable of morphing into various cell types that repair the body.

The Adipose Adult Stem Cell Therapy Procedure

In the procedure adipose tissue is removed from the patient using mini-liposuction, and processed with a combination of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and low laser light. Four hours later literally tens of millions of the patient’s own newly activated stem and regenerative cells are administered back into the body and immediately begin working. ISCI utilizes the AdiStem technology, AdiStem is the world’s leading provider of Autologous Adipose-derived Adult Stem Cell products and procedures. "ISCI’s Adipose Stem Cell Therapy treatment is a major advancement in disease care," says Alexander. “There’s no doubt the most exciting frontier in medicine now is adult stem cell therapy derived from fat. This is going to completely change the way patients are treated over the course of their lives and how we look at disease in the human body. Since ISCI is dedicated to providing patients worldwide with the best therapy available, we are no longer offering treatments with placenta stem cells. Current studies and reports from the doctors we work with indicate that Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is without doubt the most advanced form of stem cell therapy and has the greatest positive effects on a variety of degenerative diseases and medical conditions.”

Patients interested in Stem Cell Therapy are encouraged to find out more about Adipose Adult Stem Cell treatment at or by calling 800-609-7795.

About International Stem Cell Institute

About ISCI ( ISCI is an innovator in providing a pathway to Adipose Stem Cell Therapy and regenerative medicine to restore vibrant health and quality of life for thousands of people with degenerative diseases around the world. The company has a global reach and is dedicated to the highest medical and ethical standards.

Disclaimer: Stem Cell Therapies offered for consideration by International Stem Cell Institute are not currently approved by the FDA and the treatments and procedures mentioned take place outside the USA. Stem Cell Treatments are not a cure for any condition, disease or injury, nor a substitute for proper medical diagnosis and care. The information contained in this press release and ISCI's written materials should not be considered medical advice. It is intended to be used for educational and information purposes only.

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