InnovoCommerce, LLC now offers the CoSign® digital signature solution as part of its document management and investigator portal

InnovoCommerce, LLC now offers the CoSign® digital signature solution as part of its document management and investigator portal products.

San Francisco, California, March 16, 2011

ARX (Algorithmic Research), a leading provider of digital signature solutions, proudly announced its partnership with InnovoCommerce, an independent software vendor that specializes in helping enterprises solve complex governance, risk management, and compliance business challenges using the Microsoft® technology platform with a core focus on Microsoft SharePoint®. InnovoCommerce is the developer of innovoPOINT®, a leading clinical and investigator portal solution.

InnovoCommerce now offers the CoSign digital signature solution as part of its two core offerings, the innovoPOINT Clinical investigator portal, and innovoPOINT DM, a document management solution for life science organizations. CoSign can be used in FDA Title 21 CFR part 11 compliant processes by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for signing SOPs, quality and compliance documentation, research and development documentation, corporate compliance documents, and more. InnovoPOINT Clinical customers can also use CoSign for obtaining signatures from external parties, such as clinical trial investigators.

"From our findings, CoSign is the digital signature product that seamlessly integrates with SharePoint-based systems," explaines Chris Youmans, Vice President, Operations, InnovoCommerce. "We chose CoSign because of this, and also because of ARX's responsiveness and partner-driven culture."

CoSign is also being used within InnovoCommerce as part of the in-house innovoPOINT DM deployment. Employees use the integrated solution to digitally sign PDF files that have been converted from Word, including SOPs and quality documents. 

"We're very happy that ARX allowed us to first pilot the technology in the context of our own system so we can learn it and apply it well," says Youmans. "We wanted to embrace digital signatures because we know that big companies want them, and to provide that you need to be able to use them yourself."

"InnovoCommerce is a leading SharePoint based solution provider in the FDA regulated markets," said Rodd Schlerf, Life Sciences Market Manager, ARX.  "By integrating the market leading CoSign system with their offering, InnovoCommerce will enable their clients to have efficient and compliant document approval processes, while facilitating secure document exchange and collaboration."

About InnovoCommerce, LLC
InnovoCommerce provides a full range of governance, risk management and compliance service and product offerings to regulated enterprises operating in targeted vertical industries.  The company designs, develops, and deploys compelling Microsoft-based technology solutions that help enterprises realize breakthrough mission-critical business process improvements for increasing productivity, compliance and strategic insight.

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About CoSign Digital Signatures in Life Sciences
ARX (Algorithmic Research) is a global provider of cost-efficient digital signature solutions for industries such as life sciences, healthcare, government, engineering, and energy.

ARX's CoSign digital signature solution fully automates approval workflows, allowing organizations to go paperless, expedite business processes, and eliminate the expenses and time allocations that paper-based signatures require. CoSign is the most widely-deployed digital signature solution in the Life Sciences industry, employed by over 10,000 FDA-regulated organizations including 5 of the top 10 Pharmaceuticals and 6 of the top 10 CROs. Via its standards-based underpinnings, the CoSign digital signature solution ensures signer intent, document integrity and compliance, while significantly streamlining business processes. CoSign creates a truly collaborative environment for the multiple parties involved in the Life Sciences ecosystem, enabling trust of electronic documentation spanning geographic locations and across organizations.

Watch a Digital Signatures for Life Sciences video to learn how life sciences organizations can benefit from CoSign.