Ingenuity Systems Unveils Early Access to Revolutionary New iReport

5,000 researchers to get free iReport by October 31, 2011

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) September 29, 2011

Ingenuity® Systems, a leading provider of information and analytics solutions for life science researchers, today unveiled its new Ingenuity® iReportTM and will offer early access to 5,000 researchers. iReport is a fundamentally new product concept from Ingenuity and provides the fastest way for bench scientists to understand their 'omics data.

Today bench scientists are faced with the difficult task of understanding their 'omics datasets and developing testable hypothesis. Current analysis software requires the use of complex software, statistical know-how and informatics training. In contrast, Ingenuity iReport is a stand-alone report that provides a fully integrated, one-step solution for statistical and biological interpretation of an 'omics data without the need for training, software, statistics or informatics expertise. iReport takes raw 'omics data as input and delivers a customized and interactive report that enables researchers to focus on developing biological insights through exploration and visualization of genes by function, biological process, role in pathway and disease, and cellular location.

"The easy, interactive tools in iReport helped me quickly identify interesting new target genes from my microarray experiment for follow-up," stated Jun Yang, Ph.D., Instructor, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston (UTMB). "The pathway information and literature references in iReport gave me a lot of confidence in my results, and helped me easily understand the biological role of the genes I was looking at. It's beautiful interface makes it an easy and compelling way to get faster, more meaningful biological insights from my data."

"We created iReport for the experimental biologist," said Megan Laurance, Ph.D., Biologist and Product Manager at Ingenuity. "iReport is unique in how it explains and visualizes experimental results in the language of biology and gets bench scientists to meaningful insights faster than has ever been possible. We are excited to finally be able to put it into the hands of researchers and help move their science forward."

Ingenuity iReport for Microarray Gene Expression is the first in a suite of reports, that will soon include RNA-Sequencing, qPCR, and additional 'omics platforms. Researchers interested in obtaining an iReport or learning more can go to\getireport.

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