How to Land a Deal survey

On October 27 we're putting on a webinar with a group of expert dealmakers outlining some of the practical, nuts-and-bolts measures developers can use to help leverage the best terms for their new partnerships with Big Pharma. In the lead-up to the webinar, I'd like to ask you to take just a minute--and I mean just a minute--to take a brief survey we've put together on the subject. I'd like to get a better sense of just how important new deals are for developers, and your feedback would be extremely helpful. 

If you're interested in the topic, be sure to check out the webinar on How to Land a Deal. We have GlaxoSmithKline's top dealmaker, Ad Rawcliffe, on hand, with Anna Protopapas from Millennium Takeda and Geoff Meyerson and Jay Mohr from Locust Walk joining the panel discussion. Meyerson and Mohr have been doing their own original survey on pharma's attitudes and appetites. It's all intended to give you a clear picture on improving your chances for striking the best deal possible for your company. 

On a separate note, I'm going to be heading a panel discussion at IIR's Partnerships in Clinical Trials in Orlando April 12-14 on the virtual approach to running a company. If you know a CEO or senior-level exec who has experience in the virtual model and would like to join the discussion, drop me a line. Thanks for your help. Click here to take the survey