House passes stem cell bill, waits for veto

As expected, the House passed a new bill that supports expanded federal grants for embryonic stem cell research. But the vote, 253-174, fell short of the two-thirds majority that would be needed to overturn a presidential veto--which is a certainty. According to the White House, the bill "would use federal taxpayer dollars to support and encourage the destruction of human life for research."

The recent election produced a host of wins for supporters of the bill, but support for the bill grew by only 15 votes as many of the Republicans votes out of office were moderates who had favored the measure.

- here's the report on the vote from The Wall Street Journal (sub. req.)

ALSO: The U.K.'s fertility watchdog has decided that it can't decide whether or not to approve the use of human/animal embryos in research work, saying that it needs more feedback on the issue. Report