Hep C drug promises to "blow market wide open"

For almost 15 years now Vertex has been patiently advancing its work on a new therapy for hepatitis C. Forbes profiles the long and winding research road, with plenty of new pitfalls being created by other hep C therapies that have popped up to take the limelight away from Vertex's telaprevir. A new approach will match polymerase inhibitors with protease inhibitors to rev up response rates.

"We are going to have much higher response rates in the very near future. It is going to blow the market wide open," Mount Sinai School of Medicine's Douglas Dieterich, who is testing a compound from Roche, tells Forbes.

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ALSO: Roche, meanwhile, has returned the rights to the experimental hep C drug R7025 to Maxgen. Two months ago Roche put a hold on the program. Report