Healthtech company H1 adds new AI tech to clinical trial arm

Healthcare platform company H1 is diving deeper into the power of artificial intelligence, adding GenosAI to its clinical trials arm, Trial Landscape.

The new tech, unveiled Thursday, is described as incorporating a “ChatGPT-like” experience into Trial Landscape, which clients use to help establish new clinical trials. Users will be able to pose questions on the platform that GenosAI can respond to with the aid of natural language processing, such as inquiring about the best-performing trial sites or suitable locations for a particular disease area. 

Trial Landscape is built upon a web of data spanning clinical trial results, publications, patients and claims, H1 explained, with users also able to incorporate their own data. 

Trial Landscape is just one arm of H1’s larger healthcare platform that acts as both a professional database and also an analytics service. The company raised more than $130 million in the six months from November 2021 to June 2022 to fuel the platform's growth.

During that period, H1 acquired London-based Faculty Opinions, a network of thousands of researchers who provide their two cents on new research. Under the H1 umbrella, clients on the platform are able to tap into the research assessments to help guide clinical trial design. 

Though H1 is now a more diversified product, its origins lie as a LinkedIn-like platform for healthcare professionals. Beyond Trial Landscape, H1 includes other services such as HCP Universe, which helps medical affairs specialists identify key opinion leaders.