GSK, Exelixis pact comes to a close

GlaxoSmithKline is ending its six-year-long collaboration with Exelixis in October. GSK has the right to select up to two Exelixis compounds for further development; it has already chosen XL880 and will choose one additional compound from among XL184, XL281, XL228, XL820, and XL844. Exelixis will get to develop any drugs that GSK does not choose, and has the right to further develop and commercialize any target or compound that does not infringe upon the intellectual property associated with compounds selected by GSK.

"This collaboration represents a successful alliance that has truly benefited both companies. With the selection of GSK089 (formerly XL880) and potentially one other compound, GSK has been able to strengthen its oncology pipeline. I am enthusiastic about the compounds remaining in the collaboration, and continue to be impressed by Exelixis' quality of science and productivity," said Paolo Poletti, MD, senior vice president of the Oncology Medicines Development Center at GSK.

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