GSK-backed startup has ambitious plans for immunology

There's quite a competition these days for the best minds in the field of adaptive immune responses, and GlaxoSmithKline has provided Tempero Pharmaceuticals with some of the hottest recruits to be found in this emerging class of new drugs. As Xconomy's Ryan McBride reports, GSK launched Tempero just a little more than a year ago to establish a leading position in this section of the immunology field, and it quickly focused on the top academics.

"There was a realization that a lot of the basic science in this space was driven by academic thought leaders," Tempero CEO Spiros Jamas told Xconomy. "And a lot of them were being pursued by venture capital groups or other companies, so there was a competition. In order to attract the academic experts, and build a group quickly, the decision was made that this was a ripe opportunity to set this up as an independent company with a biotech model."

Harvard's Christophe Benoist, Vijay Kuchroo and Diane Mathis provided the scientific brain trust needed by the developer. And leading biotech figures like Rich Aldrich and Alnylam's John Maraganore are offering guidance on the board. Currently, the developer is engaged in preclinical work identifying new therapies for MS, psoriasis and diabetes.

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