Genzyme hits Anika with patent suit

Genzyme (NASDAQ: GENZ) is hauling Anika Therapeutics (NASDAQ: ANIK) to court in Massachusetts over the latter's proposed osteoarthritis treatment Monovisc, which could be approved by the FDA in the second half of the year. Genzyme claims the product infringes two of its patents and has asked the court to bar Anika from selling Monovisc, according to the complaint filed July 7.

"Anika's activities have been without express or implied license from Genzyme," the plaintiff says in the complaint. The patents at issue in the case relate to gels used to deliver drugs into the body, according to a Bloomberg report. Anika already sells the product in Canada, Europe and Turkey , the Boston Business Journal notes.

According to its website, Bedford, MA-based Anika was founded in 1993 as a public company from a spin off of the hyaluronic acid business of MedChem Products.

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